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domingo, 6 de janeiro de 2008

Love & Life

What else can I write? There are no words for something that can only, for now, be called an attempt. Hence there are some special ones.

We cannot be blamed for trying something; we are the only ones to blame ourselves: perhaps for being bold. We perceive reality changing over time and the best feature of doing so is to be bolder.

The bolder, the more of a shoulder we resemble: the one they call reliance. Ubiquitous and whatnot, I urge to say I love you. There are no other possibilities! And nothing has been shown.

In this light I rely on for there are no other signs other than, as I said, possibilities. The bolder, the higher the ante! It's not love that is a game, for it must be sincere; but 'tis life. We always play with our lives, even when saying we play with people: do not believe them! We are only able to play with and for ourselves.

There is no believer if there's nothing to believe in; but also that's not a game: we see what we want, truth be it or not. I do not know about tomorrow, but I long for you.

Love is also a game we don't know we already were in. In that we cannot expect the rules to be straight, nor their whereabouts: it is like playing blindfolded. And there is the major rule: everything has a potential to be unknown. The better and the worst of them all!

There are people that like to be in danger, and the others: where would joy be if there aren't any dangers to play with? :)

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